three rehab photosOur goal is to create memorable experiences, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we serve.

Physical Therapy

Our PT department provides in depth gait training to increase mobility both inside and outside of the home. Intense and comprehensive strengthening strategies are also provided in order to increase performance in both function and mobility.

Geriatric physical therapy is a proven means for our elders to improve their confidence and physical performance by use of strengthening weakened muscles and addressing gait and balance deficits.

Occupational Therapy

Our desire is to return patients to their previous environment at the highest level of independence.

Our OT department offers a multitude of treatment strategies for ADL retraining. OT performs patient specific simulations and assessments to determine treatment needs in order to return to a safe home environment. We also have multiple modalities including: E-stim, paraffin wax, cryotherapy, and ultrasound that are available to best treat patient’s needs.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is provided to each patient in order to increase cognition, safety awareness, and comprehension.

Our ST department provides a highly productive modality called Vital Stim. This modality is used to improve swallowing mechanisms, and increase voice production by using electrical stimulation to trigger key muscles in the neck and facial area. The ability to communicate effectively is important at any age, but for seniors it can be absolutely vital.